More-specific Causes

The Most Common Causes of ITBS

  1. Leg length differences
  2. Road camber - running on a slope for a long time
  3. Foot structure
  4. Excessive shoe breakdown - particularly it the outside of the heel
  5. Training intensity errors - increasing mileage or intensity too fast
  6. Muscle imbalances - particularly quads versus hamstrings
  7. Run/gait style factors - e.g. bow-leggedness, knock knees, etc.

Okay, so we know that running can aggravate your ITB. So can cycling (bicycles, not Harley's), weightlifting and hiking.  Basically, itís any time you bend your knee past 30 degrees when you have weight on it..

Some more-specific contributing factors are:

Comprehensive article on ITBS causes and therapies, written for PTs.

Another comprehensive article with stretches and exercises. A bit technical but thorough.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome - Good overview of the mechanics of where it comes from.

New idea on how muscle imbalance may cause ITBS.

More on muscle imbalance theory.

Best description of how worn running shoes can aggravate problem by causing bow-leggedness.

Mentions not to use orthotics with varus wedges to treat bio-mechanical problems. [Sorry, this link has been broken. Site no longer exists!  I left the paragraph here, to get you to think about orthotics.]

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