From Matt Mahoney

From: MATT MAHONEY () Date: Fri, 8 Apr 1994

The iliotibial band (ITB) is a fascia, or strand of connective tissue that connects the knee to the hip along the outside of the thigh. This can become inflamed at the knee connection by sliding over the bump on the outside of the knee.

Like most forms of tendonitis, the cure is to stop running until it no longer hurts to run. For ITB syndrome, this takes about 2 months. (Most runners will ignore this advice and make it worse. Don't! Find an alternative exercise.)

ITB syndrome is caused by high mileage and by running on sloping surfaces (such as banked or crowned roads), affecting the knee on the higher side.

Stretching the ITB will help prevent it but won't speed up healing. To stretch the ITB, stand with legs crossed and lean sideways, away from the rear leg (the one being stretched). Weight training probably helps too.

[Though squats may aggravate it further! Better to stick to half-squats. - Stew]


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