My History

You have to treat the symptoms
and the underlying causes
to be really cured.

My background:

2002 - I donít run anymore, but still hike actively and do other sports. After I finally solved my ITBS problem with the Patt-Strap, my knee joints said they couldnít take the pounding anymore!!! I get occasional bouts of ITBS with hiking with a heavy pack, but use Advil and the Patt-Strap to keep it at bay.

1998 - I'm in my third year of running, also of having ITBS. I don't run fast or particularly well, but I enjoy it and like to race occasionally. My ITBS problems start when I do long runs over 15 miles for more than a few weeks in a row. Then it can take months to get over it.

I've had this come and go for the past 2 years. Another runner friend said she had it off and on for 2 years, and finally shook it off (she changes shoes at the first sign of problems and wears a neoprene knee brace for warmth).

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