Suggestions from QRMan

Various Suggestions from QRman

From: (QRman)

  • Orthotics to help solve the pronation thing.
  • Asics Exult or Epirus for the same reason
  • Ride your bike regularly. Running tends to exercise the lateral thigh musculature. Riding the medial. Riding balances out the thigh musculature, which is why triathletes don't have (in my experience) the IT band problems to the same degree as do runners.
  • Run off-road as much as practicable.
  • There is a stretch. Imagine laying on you side on a massage table, on the edge, facing the edge. Swing your top leg over your bottom leg, so that your top leg is actually falling in mid-air off the side of the table. This is stretching the IT band of your top leg. This is best done as a 2 person stretch, on a resist-and-relax method, with GENTLE pressure applied downward on your leg by your partner. I imagine the edge of a hard bed could be used.


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