Surgery Results

In the rec.running usenet group, wrote:

I have had ITB surgery on both knees. The recovery, as reported in the medical literature, allows a return to running in 6 weeks. Rehab starts with about one mile every other day, increasing by no more than one to two miles per week. Thus, it takes a while to get back.

In my case, it required three months of no running at all, for each leg. The success rate for the surgery that is reported in the medical literature is about 95%, with few runners having subsequent ITB problems. However, since most cases are caused by correctable training errors, surgery is truly a last resort, and is reserved for those who have this problem due to some inherent, biomechanical predisposition.

I have not had further problems since recovering from my surgery. I have since completed hard marathon training, which would have been impossible, as in the past I would always develop severe symptoms at that level of mileage and intensity.


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