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[BTW, note this was in reply to someone with ITBS in the triathalon newsgroup. So much for the idea that bicycling helped prevent it by balancing the musculature! :-( - Stew]

There was a really good article in the journal "Physician and Sportsmedicine" not too long ago. I can't recall the exact issue, but it says Iliotibial band Syndrome on the cover.

In the article, the authors state that the best way to heal the problem is to immobilize the affected leg in a fully extended position for three days. During this time, a regimen of icing three times a day and stretching six times a day is begun. Anti-inflammotory therapy is also started. They stress that the leg must be held in an extended position at all times, except, of course when stretching the leg. After the three days are up, you can return to activity slowly over a period of two weeks while continuning icing and anti-inflammotories.

You mention that you've tried stretching. My understanding was that, barring some biomechanical problem, this is the best way to prevent IT band syndrome from recurring. There is a surgical cure, but this should be a last resort, obviously. See if you can find the article I mentioned, and see if if following their directions helps. If it doesn't, I'd start to wonder whether the injury is really your IT band at all.


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