The pages above cover some of the basic treatments for ITBS. The following give extra hints and methods of getting over this pain in the knee:

Excellent collection of Stretches and Exercises

Exercise may ward off prolonged pain - not very specific on exercises, but gives things to avoid.

Navy study of hydrocortisone therapy showed positive results - Group pain free sooner, in greater numbers than control group with fewer members experiencing pain during 1 mile run.

Exercise to strength quads, to reduce muscle imbalance and help stabilize the leg.

At-home exercises for knee strength - Stretches and strengthening to prevent knee injuries.

 Quick Solutions for Iliotibial Band Syndrome” - Long, but well-written.

'Walt Reynolds's ITB Special' - Excercise for your quads and other things.

Best treatments...

...I've used so far, in order of effectiveness to me, and how soon after the onset I'd start them:

Once you first experience the pain of ITBS, count on being out of commission for at least 1 month, and maybe more, depending on how aggressively you treat this and how your body responds. If you didn't glean this from the above medical definitions:


  1. STOP RUNNING to prevent further inflammation, don't just ease off
  2. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Ice - 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off, 3 times a session, twice daily. Be careful not to freeze the skin, especially if you use commercial ice packs, some of which freeze at a lower temperature than water.
  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs (I use ibuprofen, you may find natural products such as Glucosamine and Condroitin Sulfate work for you),
  4. Stretch ITB at least twice a day, 30-60 seconds each side, using at least 2 different stretches. Don't bounce, don't stretch till it hurts (i.e. too hard).
  5. Self-massage of area, across the thighs and calves (sideways, not up and down).


Real Soon

  • See your doctor or physical therapist, to confirm you actually have ITBS.
  • Check if your running shoes are worn down, particularly in the outside of the heels,
  • See a podiatrist (or your physical therapist!) to check if you need orthotics.


Long Term (If the above doesn't help)

  • Get your running form video-analyzed by someone that knows what good running form looks like,
  • Surgery (Yeesh! Haven't been there). Personally, I think that’s the step of last resort, since it doesn’t always work.
  • Quit running forever (God forbid! Haven't done that).
  • I have custom orthotics, and I think they help.
  • Physical Therapy - they told me I was tight in my ITB (duh), gave me stretches and exercises for it. Also did electro-stim and ultrasound, but I think that did squat. No relief followed the first time. My second time, I had a different PT and think he's put me on the road to recovery.
  • Cortisone steroidal treatment (only by a physician or other health care professional), either injected or transdermal. Seems to help reduce inflammation when combined with other therapies. If this is done wrong, it can hurt like hell.
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